1) Write an introduction which engages the listener, states your position clearly and succinctly, and briefly states your major points

2) Outline your material into two to four major arguments which support your position You include enough material so that I can totally reconstruct the arguments and the research. Do not use sentence fragments.

3) Label your arguments as ethos, logos, and pathos.

4) Write a conclusion which summarizes your position and main points. It should also conclude your speech strongly.

5) Document in the paper using the APA format and include references at the end.

1 A) INTRODUCTION: The introduction engaged the listener effectively, stated the thesis precisely, included a complete, accurate, and clear overview. The introduction must demonstrate that the student has selected a controversial topic.The student’s position must be clear.

1 B) CONCLUSION: The conclusion summarized the major points of the speech precisely and ends with an impact on the audience.The entire conclusion focused and enhanced the central message. The conclusion has a powerful ending which supports and emphasizes his position.

ORGANIZATION: The outline incorporated excellent organization skills. The major and minor areas of the outline were well organized using one of the following patterns: topical, chronological, spatial, or problem/solution. All the points of the speech included complete sentences. The material flowed together logically. The outline included two to four major points. Each of the major points was developed to the third level.

SUPPORTING MATERIAL: The speech included significant, substantial, and interesting content. It should have multiple outside sources which were documented correctly in the speech and in the references. The documentation included the correct APA format. The sources used should be respectable scholarly material.

USE OF LOGIC: The speech included at least THREE excellent examples of logical arguments which were labeled as (logos)

USE OF EMOTIONS: The speech included at least THREE excellent examples of emotional arguments which were labeled as (pathos)

USE OF CREDIBILITY: The speech included at least THREE excellent arguments which demonstrated credibility and were labeled as (ethos)

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