The lectures explain that ways of knowing (epistemologies) can be limited. What is a true statement based on that discussion? Finish this comparative key phases with the correct sets of words: theology is to psychology as ____________ is to _________________. The lectures provided a brief introduction to the models of integration (based on Niebuhr’s Christ and Culture ). What did we learn from that introduction? From the lecture discussion on ways  of knowing truth, what can we say? In arguing for the value of integration, the lectures suggested the following: If we are trying to distinguish what “Christian” counseling is (vs. secular counseling), which statement is true from the lecture? The lecture emphasized that the way we interpret behavior has a lot to do with our worldview, and a lot to do with our expectations of our clients. What is true based on the lecture discussion? Epistemology, according to the lecture is The lecture emphasized the importance of understand OUR worldview as a counselor in choosing the model of counseling we use. What can we say from the lecture? The lectures tried to build a case for integrating psychology and theology for the betterment of the client. What is an argument that was emphasized in the lectures? In the discussion on worldview, the lecture contrasted the “modern” and the “post-modern” worldview. If one held the post-modern worldview, which would be true? The lecture talked about levels of integration. What is an INCORRECT statement from that discussion? The lectures in week one referred to Jay Adams (the founder of Nouthetic counseling) when discussing the biblical foundation/worldview of Christiancounseling. What did the lecture emphasize in that discussion, based on Adam’s perspective? The lecture emphasized that different generations typically have different worldviews. If we are counseling someone just coming into adulthood in the 21stcentury, what should we emphasize? Why is self-awareness and humility so important in integrative counseling? “Imago Dei” is an important concept in the study of integration, and was mentioned by Entwistle and the lectures. This term refers to According to the lecture, the term “spirituality” denotes primarily Christian counseling is a dynamic, collaborative process involving at least three persons—the counselor, the client, and the triune God of the Bible—aimed at transformational change for the purpose of producing higher levels of emotional, psychological, and spiritual health in persons seeking help. Christian counseling is a form of ______________________ designed to help free people to experience God’s pardon, purpose, and power so that they become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. _____________________ accurately to the client is a central counseling skill.

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