1. Using finance.yahoo.com, download WEEKLY price data, as we have done in the class, for


2. These are all ETFs. Find out what kind of asset class these ETFs represent, and write a brief (at most two lines) description of these asset classes.

3. As we have done in the class, calculate the weekly returns (for the dates that are common to ALL of these ETFS). Make sure to use the Adjusted Close to calculate the return data

4. Calculate the average weekly return (multiply it by 52 to get an “annualized” number)

5. Calculate the standard deviation (risk) for these ETFS

6. Using SOLVER, as we have done in the class, calculate and graph the minimum variance boundary, and note where the efficient frontier lies on this boundary. For this step, do not limit weights to be non-negative.

7. Repeat Step 6, but this time force all portfolio weights to be non-negative (including the last one).

For your convenience, I am attaching the files I used during the lecture

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