For this week’s online content discussion, please respond to one of the following prompts below:

1. Describe the performance management cycle. How does the ideal process flow? Looking at the various ways to measure performance, describe the pro’s and con’s of each approach outlined in your reading (i.e., simple ranking, forced-distribution, etc.). What method do you think is most fair, and why? What connection is there between performance management/performance evaluations, and job analysis?

2. Explain what “wrongful discharge” means in the employment context. What is progressive discipline? Can having a progressive discipline process help protect the organization from wrongfully discharging employees? How?

3. Why is it beneficial to employers to create environments where employees want to come to work? What are some of the ways that employees exhibit signs of becoming disengaged? What are some of the ways in which human resources can help keep employees engaged?

You’ll want to respond with a thorough answer to the question (400 – 500 words).

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