Respond to BOTH of the following questions. At least 300 words.

  1. From the TED talk on the prior page,Tomasz, a Polish man interviewed by Iyengar, commented: “I don’t need twenty kinds of chewing gum. I don’t mean to say that I want no choice, but many of these choices are quite artificial.” Do you think Americans are preoccupied with artificial or superficial choices? Why or why not? And if so, do you think this preoccupation prevents them from considering more important choices, or distracts them from recognizing areas where there are critical deficits or absences of choice?
  2. During her TED talk, Iyengar identifies three basic American assumptions about choice. First, that the individual is the best person to make choices about things that affect him or her; second, the more choices, the better; and third, that one must never say no to choice. Pick one of these three assumptions and describe a personal experience that supports or contradicts it.
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