Everything in red and or highlighted is important. Discussion 1 Construct a Deductively Valid Argument The topic of this week is deductive reasoning . Accordingly, i n this discussion your task is to create a deductively valid argument for your position (the same position that you defended in the Week One discussion). (Topic: Is it important to teach arts and humanities to children?) This is the position. Prepare:  To prepare to respond to this prompt, make sure to read carefully over the required portions of Chapter 3 and Chapter 4. See attached file) View the deLaplante (2013) video What Is a Valid Argument? (see attached file) Based on the sources, create a deductively valid argument for the position you defended in the Week One discussion. (Topic: Is it important to teach arts and humanities to children?) This is the position. To make your argument deductively valid, you will need to make sure that there is no possible way that your premises could be true and your conclusion false. Your premises must lead logically to the truth of your conclusion. Make sure that your argument is sound that is in addition to being valid, make sure that the premises are true as far as you can tell. If your argument is invalid or if it has a false premise, revise it until you get an argument that you can stand behind. Write: Identify the components and structure of your argument by presenting your deductively valid argument in standard form, and explain how your conclusion follows from your premises. Discussion 2 Week 2, Prompt option #2:  Fill in the Missing Premises We have learned this week about deductive reasoning, including what it takes for an argument to be valid . (See attached file examples only) This discussion allows us to get more practice with the concept through making arguments valid. You will see a list of arguments here. These arguments are not presented in standard form, and each is missing a premise that would be necessary to make it valid. Your tasks will be to put the argument into standard form and add the missing premise that would validly link the premises to the conclusion. Prepare : To prepare to respond to this prompt, reread the section from Chapter 2 of our book titled “Extracting Arguments in Standard form,” all required portions of Chapters 3 and 4, as well as the guidance and required media for this week. (see attached files for chapters) and attached video file Reflect : Look at the list of argument options below. Choose an argument that has not yet been chosen by any of your classmates. ( I have taken out the ones that have already been taken.) Think through the reasoning and determine what premise is (or premises are) missing that would be needed to make the argument valid. You might also consider challenging yourself by choosing from the more difficult examples in the list (at the bottom). Choose from the following list of argument options. 2.     Football is dumb because it is a waste of time. 3.     If he loved you he would have shown up on time with flowers. He must not love you. 4.     All mammals bear live young, so dragons are not mammals. 6.     He broke the record for rushing yards in a game on that last play. Therefore he holds the record. 7.     He won the election. So he will be the next governor. 8.     He won’t go to the wedding since he doesn’t like mushy stuff and weddings are mushy. 9.     I can’t go to the movies with you – I have a test tomorrow and I have to study. 11.  You shouldn’t go out with that guy. He rides a motorcycle and goes to bars. 12.  Capital punishment is wrong because it is killing and it doesn’t save anyone’s life. 13.  You shouldn’t use drugs because they are addictive and can ruin people’s lives. 14.  To fix your care you will need money. However, to have money you have to have money. It appears that you need to get a job. 15.  To go to the movie you have to have a ticket.  To buy a ticket you must pay money.  Thus, to go the movie you must pay money. 16….

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