This week, you will implement the interview plan that you made in week 2. You are going to interview at least 2 people in your target user population. For each person you plan to interview, observe them in their natural environment and take notes. Ask them to perform their tasks as realistically as possible. Then interview them for 10 minutes about the tasks you just observed them doing. After your interview, identify user goals and user classes.


Your write-up should contain the following:

  1. Describe the persons that you observed and interviewed. For each interviewee, describe a particular breakdown or workaround that demonstrates a feature of the problem you’re trying to solve.
  2. Problem Statement: Based on your interviews, determine a particular issue faced by your user population that you wish to focus on. Keep in mind the user’s goals and the barriers to achieving their goals. Describe the problem and do not include any solutions. Do this by describing 3 goals by your users and the barriers that they face in achieving those goals.
  3. Identify user classes using the information from the users that you interviewed. A user class is a subset of the population that may use the system in a different way. Go beyond generic distinctions such as “expert” and “novice”.
  4. Goals are general, high-level tasks associated with the problem. Describe 3 goals that your proposed system would address, and connect them to your observations and/or interview. Grading:
    1. Description of interviewee and breakdown/workaround: 30 points
    2. Problem Statement: 5 points
    3. User classes: 5 points
    4. User goals: 10 points
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