Assignment Brief:
Write a submission covering the items below. The submission should clearly demonstrate all
aspects of your assignment work highlighting issues and solutions to problems, but it should be
concise. Full briefing details are attached to this briefing sheet – Pages 5 to 8.
Section A
A.1 Creation and production of a working manufacturing simulation using the Prismatic
machining environment in CATIA as per the tutorial sessions and report 700 words for the
supplied PART A. Create a suitable aluminum alloy part drawing from a stock workpiece with the
dimensions 155mm x105mm x 55mm. Assume you are using a CNC machine to perform the
process. Use the Vice part from the tutorials to adjust for new stock size.
A.2 Produce an NC code file with a FANUC 0 IMS post processor for PART A.
Section B
Creation and production of a working manufacturing simulation using the Lathe machining
environment in CATIA as per the tutorial sessions and report 300 words for the supplied PART
B. Create a suitable part drawing from the blank stock workpiece rolled steel EN8 in the form of
a bar with the dimensions diameter 30mm x 120mm length. Assume you are going to use a CNC
machine to perform the process.
Section C
Complete and include your initial Process Planning table using the attached template to list the
order of operations to be carried out as planned by your strategy.


1. The assignment is to be submitted online as a single WORD document consisting of the
assignment briefing sheet front page as the submission cover sheet followed by the
written report. References must be completed in Harvard referencing style. Font Arial 11pt,
normal margins, portrait layout.
2. Each page must be numbered except for the assignment cover sheet.
3. Display carefully chosen screenshots or images (use of SNIP tool can give clarity to the
images selected) of the stock, finished part and toolpaths on a white background showing your
simulation history tree. You should include one isometric view of the stock (transparent), the
finished part and vice assembled accordingly as per the tutorials. Do not present more than 4
screenshots per page. All figures and pictures should be properly captioned and referenced in
the text. MAXIMUM of 6 pages of appropriate shots showing the manufacturing strategy
for the total report.
4. Report on the manufacturing process and the order of simulation steps you have
selected. Summarise the machining operations in the NC post processing and produce an NC
code file named with your SRN.
5. All CATIA files (CATPART, CATPRODUCT, PROCESS, NC program for Part A & B must
be submitted via a SharePoint folder titled SRN_5ENT1001_Assignment where SRN is your
individual student number. Insert the SharePoint folder link in the report appendix. The folder
must be shared correctly to be accessible to staff. If not, this will result in loss of marks.
6. Indicate the word count at the end of each assignment sections (Section A – 700 words +/-
10% and Section B – 300 words +/-10%). The suggested word count for the assignment is 1000
words. The word count does not include:
Reports shorter than 900 words will not be penalised, but students will have to maintain the
content quality expected in the submission. Reports with more than 1100 words will be curtailed
at word limit and any extra words will not be marked. You should not have any bypass
mechanisms such as using picture files with excessive word content to circumvent the word
N.B. It is the report that will be marked based on the content quality. However, other elements
of the online submission such as file names and SharePoint folder will result in loss of marks if
instructions are not followed

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