Problems: 3.1) The following state transition table is a simplified model of process management, with the labels representing transitions between states of READY, RUN, BLOCKED, AND NONRESIDENT. READY RUN BLOCKED NONRESIDENT READY – 1 – 5 RUN 2 – 3 – BLOCKED 4 – – 6 Give an example of an event that can cause each of the above transitions. Draw a diagram if that helps. 3.10) In a number of early computers, an interrupt caused the register values to be stored in fixed location associated with the given interrupt signal. Under what circumstances is this a practical technique? Explain why it is inconvenient in general. 3.12) You have executed the following C program: main () { int pid; Pid = fork (); Printf (“%d n , pid); } What are the possible outputs, assuming the fork succeeded? 4.1) It was pointed out that two advantages of using multiple threads within a process are that (1) less work is involved in creating a new thread within an existing process than in creating a new process, and (2) communication among threads within the same process is simplified. Is it also the case that a mode switch between threads within the same process involves less work than a mode switch between two threads in different processes? 4.2) In the discussion of ULTs verses KLTs, it was pointed out that a disadvantage of ULTs is that when a ULT executes a system call, not only is that thread blocked, but also all of the threads within the process are blocked. Why is that so? 4.5) If a process exits and there are still threads of that process running, will they continue to run? Explain!

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