Individual Homework:

  • For each category, list examples of computer hardware. Then for each category, list examples of analogous human hardware. Remember we are talking about information processing, not food or energy processing.
  • Imagine you are working for a local electronics store which is starting a new marketing campaign. You are asked to select a kind of computer and write an ad for a specific market. For this assignment, you can choose the market. Choose one of the following, or (preferably) make up your own:







  • a family that wants a shared computer for elementary and middle school students to work on homework assignments
  • a retired person who wants to stay in touch with their family
  • your own idea

Research some computers (at or other website) and select the appropriate type of computer for your selected market. Write an ad, which should include:

  • who your audience is (the target market that you chose above),
  • a picture of the computer,
  • the computer specifications,
  • the price, and
  • 2 to 3 sentences on why this computer is perfect for your intended market. This should include a highlight of some of the specs and why your target audience needs these specs.

It is expected that you are taking the computer’s picture, specifications, and price from a commercial website, but please cite the website you are taking them from (including the URL).

Your ad should appeal to someone who is buying a computer for the first time and is not computer savvy.

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