1. What are the challenges facing organizations that wish to move to a Cloud platform? What are the risks and benefits? 2. Convert the following to binary. Show your work. a) 105.59375 b) 327.78125 3. Convert the following to decimal. Show your work. a) 1010011.10001 b) 11000010.111 4. Use a truth table to prove whether the following is true or false. xz + x’y’ + y’z’ = xz + y’ 5. Convert these to reverse Polish notation a) (5*(4 + 3) * 2 – 6) b) (2 + 3) * 8 / 10 6. A lovely $5000 server memory chip is described as “128 GB DDR4-2666 ECC LRDIMM”. Explain every part of that description and describe at least one alternative characteristic or option, e.g. what might other chips be instead of LRDIMMs? 7. Amdahl’s Law is as applicable to software as it is to hardware. An oft-cited programming truism states that a program spends 90% of its time executing 10% of its code. Thus, tuning a small amount of program code can often time have an enormous effect on the overall performance of a software product. Determine the overall system speedup if: a) 90% of a program is made to run 10 times as fast (900% faster). b) 80% of a program is made to run 20% faster. 8. Discuss in your own words the advantages and disadvantages of dynamic linking. 9. Explain in your own words the difference between loosely coupled and tightly coupled architectures. 10. One real-time Linux distribution is RedHawk Linux. https://www.concurrent-rt.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/RedHawk-Brochure-vWeb.pdf a) Given a certified platform, what is the maximum event response time? b) To what POSIX standards does it comply? 11. What would you say to a vendor that tells you that his system runs 50% of the SPEC benchmark kernel programs twice as fast as the leading competitive system? Which statistical fallacy is at work here?

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