1.You might zip a file to reduce its size and to: A) improve packet throughput B) bypass certain file type restrictions C) make the file easier to read D) improve packet switching 2. In Windows, a right click will always produce a(n): A) Shortcut menu B) Folder C) File D) Zipped file 3. Which is not part of the four operations that make up the information processing cycle? A) Processing B) Output C) Storage D) Hardware 4. Computers are made up of these three fundamental components: A) Monitor, printer, and system unit B) Monitor, input devices, and peripherals C) Input, processing, and output D) CPU, memory, and storage 5. IP stands for A) Internet Protocol B) Internet provider C) Internet priority D) Internet procedures 6. Which of the following is NOT an example of a Web Browser A) Microsoft Internet Explorer B) Mozilla Firefox C) Google Chrome D) Microsoft Office 7. A complete URL has four parts: protocol, domain name, path, and A) Index page B) Resource name C) Home page D) directory 8. Instant messaging (IM) and text messaging are ideal for: A) Complex discussions B) Venting anger C) Brief conversations D) Lengthy discussions 9. When you want to let your potential employer see the personal side of you what document would you send to him/her? A) Resume B) Memo C) Transcript D) Cover letter 10. What is NOT a characteristic of a Blog? A) Another form of a journal B) Easy to create C) Can create restrictive access D) You must have your own server to create 11. Before you are done with your research paper you should always: A) Save your paper B) Check the grammar C) Check your spelling D) All the choices 12. Descriptive words matching the qualifications that an employer posted somewhere in the resume: A) Synonym B) Antonym C) Computer literacy D) Keyword 13. One day you decide to turn in a resource paper that you found on the Internet. You are: A) Being efficient B) Plagiarizing C) Legal D) Whistle-blowing 14. What is not considered a Cloud application? A) Multimedia devices B) Shutterfly C) YouTube D) Google Docs 15. A cloud that is operated for a single organization is called: A) Community cloud B) Public cloud C) Hybrid cloud D) Private cloud 16. Given the file designator below, in which folder is the file located? C:SpringComputerHomeworkAssg1.doc A) Homework B) C: C) Computer D) Spring 17. Application files commonly have the extension: A) .prog B) .txt C) .docx D) .exe 18. If you ____ a file, the original is left intact and a duplicate is created in a new location. A) Move B) Delete C) Create a shortcut to D) Copy 19. Which character is permitted in file names? A) Space B) : C) / D) > 20. Which application created by Microsoft is considered a digital notebook? A) Microsoft PowerPoint B) Microsoft Publisher C) Microsoft OneNote D) Microsoft Access

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