Write a 150-200 word response to the following discussion activities. Use specific references and direct quotes from our readings this week to illustrate and support your view/s.

Discussion Activity #1

  • Research the Internet for the linguistic term “code-switching” and describe how code-switching is used in two of the literary texts we are reading this week. Pay special attention to how linguistic code switching emphasizes cultural interactions, reflecting a variety of elements, including economic, sexual, and racial differences.

Discussion Activity #

  • How can the stories this week be classified as bildungsromans, or “coming-of-age” stories? Can a story be classified a bildungsroman even if the protagonist does not seem to actually “come of age”? Compare any one of the stories we are reading this week with other similarly themed “coming-of-age” stories we’ve previously read in the works of Twain, Jewett, Zitkala-Sa, James, Crane, Faulkner, and Larsen. What are the common elements in the stories and how do the stories this week depart from the traditional “coming-of-age” tale?

At least two follow-up resp

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