1. Locate the document called Communication.docx – in our weekly D2L module.
  2. Save this document to your jump drive or desktop as “Word Quiz”.
  3. With all the information that you have learned in class you are going to turn this document into a letter format to your instructor letting them know all about computers.
  4. Add today’s date at the top left-hand side of this document.
  5. Add a salutation (name of the person you are sending this letter to) three lines after the date.
  6. Delete all the paragraph headings in this document easily identified by the all cap and bolded format.
  7. I would like the LAST sentence in this document to be bold and italic.
  8. The fourth paragraph is very important. Let’s have this paragraph stand out by indenting the entire paragraph to .3 on the left and .4 on the right margins.
  9. Move the tenth paragraph (about the modem speed) to make it the last paragraph of this paper. [do not be concerned about the features that you had applied in step 5]
  10. Change the font color of paragraph 5 to a medium shade of red.
  11. Shade the eight paragraph a light shade of gray.
  12. Add a new sentence at the end of the third paragraph. “Modems are useful.”.
  13. The second from last paragraph starting with the sentence – “To support the use of….” I would like to change the style of the paragraph to enhance the importance and visual appeal of the document. Leave the first sentence as it is but make the next three sentences bulleted points directly below the first sentence.
  14. Select the third paragraph – add a box/border around this paragraph.
  15. Check your spelling on this document, correct any errors. Clean up and format your document so that it looks professional. Your document should be single spaced with a blank line between paragraphs. This document should not exceed 2 pages.
  16. Add headers to this document include: your name [first and last], the file name, and the current date.
  17. Add an appropriate piece of clip art/online picture to this document, at the sixth paragraph. Format this image as follows; the size should be small- no larger than the paragraph, about two inches and format/wrap text behind the text.
  18. Add a table below paragraph 9. This table should be three columns across and three rows down. Format this table in the center, size about three inches in size. Insert a number [any number is just fine] in each of the cells.
  19. The font size of this document should be 11 points and the style should be Century Gothic for the entire document.
  20. Add a piece of WordArt at the bottom of the second page using the text “Modems” without the quote marks.
  21. Locate ISDN within your document and insert the trademark symbol.
  22. Add a proper cover page with the following features:
    1. Your name centered in the middle of the page. (Isaac Garmo)
    2. Place today’s date right below it in a font and size you feel appropriate. (09-22-2019)
    3. My name should appear on this title page. ( Professor Bradley)
  23. Save your document.
  24. Your file should be three pages long; title page and two-page document.
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