Community Health Nursing II – JER8 – 10-01-19

Assignment: Module 1: Community Educational Project

  1. Select your site for the community educational project..
  2. Please document your hours for this module in Project LOG HOURS FORM, You should have an estimated 2 – 3 hours for this module.

NOTE”: The essay should explain why you selected the site and when and where your educational presentation will take place. 300-400 Words

3. Discuss the factors and approach you will use to develop a professional partnership with your selected site.200words

4.What is the importance of collaborating with other healthcare professionals in order to establish trusting relationships to gain commitment for mobilizing health initiatives? 200words.

Remember that all essay assignments are to be in strict APA format with the required title page (See the APA sample paper attached to your welcome to class email for details), an intro paragraph to tell the reader the purpose of the paper, your discussion of your assignments, a conclusion paragraph to sum up the paper, and references listed for each source that is sited with in the text of the paper. This course does not utilize an Abstract or an annotated bibliography.

Please submit the essay and the permission form into the drop box- these may be submitted in two files in the drop box

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