Research the communication skills relevant to your field (Supply Chain, Transportation, Logistics Management). You should locate three or more peer-reviewed sources (e.g. journal articles or trade published sources) that give you direct or indirect evidence of the skills needed to communicate effectively in your discipline. Keep notes and compile your sources into a reference list. You will use your notes on the Discussion Board that follows.

Next, locate a professional in your field (or, generally in the field of study that you are entering). If you are unable to locate anyone, or need ideas, contact your instructor or classmates. Schedule a phone call, meeting, or email the individual and ask them the following:

  1. What kinds of communication skills (ex. listening, concision, persuasion, empathy, non-verbal, etc…) do you use on a daily basis in meetings, in digital communication, or in preparing presentations and reports?
  2. What skills do people in your field need in order to carry out their duties or advance professionally?
  3. What are the most common communication mistakes that you see in your field?

Summarize your findings from the Activity: Communications Skills Necessary in My Discipline. Organize your ideas around the three questions you asked of your professional contact, but extend and inform the summary with the material you located through your library and internet research

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