Communications and time management are both key processes within any project. Stakeholders and project members must have a clear understanding of actions, issues, and expectations throughout the life cycle of the project. Managing time to eliminate non-productive tasks will allow an organized project manager to meet scheduled milestones and keep the project within budget.

Part I

In Part I of this assignment, create a communications plan for your information technology (IT) project. The plan should be in chart form, and it should be one page in length. The plan should list the project stakeholders, types of communications, frequency of communications, content standards for communications, and who is responsible for providing and archiving communications.

Part II

In Part II of this assignment, write a one-page executive summary for your plan that focuses on the topics listed below.

  • What is a communications plan, why is one needed, and what does the plan contain?
  • List and briefly describe the characteristics that will help a project manager improve his or her communications skills.
  • How can a project manager limit time wasted with crisis situations and unscheduled visitors?

Your completed project should be a minimum of two pages in length, not counting the references page. You must use a minimum of two sources, one of which may be your textbook, to support your responses. All content must follow APA guidelines, including all sources used, which must be cited and referenced according to APA style. A title page is not required for this assignment.

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