Commentonat least 3 Classmates’Posts (approximately  150 -300 words each)§ – comment must address the R2R prompt and your classmate’s response substantively; if you agree or disagree, provide reasoning and rational evidence from the readings to support your position – build on the ideas of what your classmate has written and dig deeper into the ideas – support your views through research you have read or through your personal and/or professional experiences§demonstrate a logical progression of ideas – comments need to be thoughtful and substantive; not gratuitous comments like “this was a good post” or simply that “you agree”. Simply congratulating the writer on their astute insights is insufficient. – cite the readings in your response by using proper APA Style format and conventions. classmate 1 According to the dictionary, culture is an umbrella term which encompasses the social behavior and norms found in human societies, as well as the knowledge, beliefs, arts, laws, customs, capabilities and habits of the individuals in these groups. The capacity building series article “Culturally Responsive Pedagogy” explains that culture goes beyond the understanding of ethnicity, race and faith. In regards to teaching and learning, it is essential that teachers understand the similarities and differences about their students various social identities. Gay explains that when academic knowledge and skills are situated within the lived experiences and frames of reference of students, they are more personal and meaningful, have higher interest appeal and are learned more easily and thoroughly (pg. 106). As humans, our identities play a huge role in our overall mood. When we feel unaccepted or neglected, we tend to shut down. It is essential to the learning process that all students are able to identify with their cultures. Escudera explains that cultural competence requires that teachers understand their own cultural backgrounds and actively learn about those of their students (2019). Teachers must also take the time to truly learn and understand the different cultural backgrounds of their students. This will allow students to identify with what is being taught and will result in a more engaged group of students. Real learning takes place when students around able to connect with what is being taught. Students and teachers need to coexist. Teachers who are reluctant about obtaining knowledge about culture or incorporating culture into their classrooms may bring their own bias based on their own culture; knowingly or unknowingly. Culturally responsive teaching refers to using the cultural characteristics, experiences and perspectives of ethnically diverse students as conduits for teaching (Gay, 2001).  In culturally responsive classrooms, teachers need to develop knowledge about cultural diversity, design culturally relevant curricula, demonstrate cultural caring, build a learning community, have cross-cultural communications, and include cultural congruity in class room instruction (Gay, 2001). Culturally relevant pedagogy is a framework coined by Dr Gloria Ladson Billings in the early 90s. It has three fundamental pillars; academic achievement, cultural competence, and sociopolitical consciousness (Escudera, 2019). In regards to both CRP and CPT, teachers are working toward creating a classroom where culture is woven into the day. One big takeaway from this week’s readings is that being culturally responsive does not mean celebrating culture, it also doesn’t mean taking a specific amount of time to teach about multiculturalism. Rather it is something that is embedded in lessons, in visuals around the room, included in all subject matters. Misconceptions about others and their cultures need to be addressed. Teachers must have knowledge on different cultures, their beliefs and their customs. This will ensure that there is a mutual respect for all students in the room. Acquiring this knowledge will help teachers understand the…

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