Review the elements of the Coherence Framework in Chapter 5 of the Fullan and Quinn text. Reflect on how the identified elements support whole system change. Review the example of Cochrane Collegiate Academy from Chapter 4 of the Fullan and Quinn text and consider how they successfully implemented the elements of the Coherence Framework to turn their underperforming school around. Review Fullan’s article “Leadership from the Middle,” reflecting on the organization’s ability to implement change at the local and state level. By Day 7 of Week 7 Part 4: Coherence Write a 2- to 3-page paper that addresses each element of the four components from Fullan’s Coherence Framework , including the following: 1. Provide an explanation of a clear and shared focus of direction for the identified program. 2. Describe how you cultivate collaborative cultures that set the pathway to change. 3. Explain how this process will deepen the learning of the staff, as well as positively impact student learning. 4. Describe how ongoing data will be collected and analyzed to further secure accountability, your final 2 paragraphs, summarize your thought regarding the process of this Project: collecting data, researching evaluation models, collaborating with others to analyze data, creating an action plan based on program needs, and planning for staff buy-in to the program changes. Step Explanation and headlines for APA FOLLOW my project about a transition Program CIRCLES for the student with disabilities post-secondary transition Please follow the files I downloaded

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