For this assignment, the Caduceus CTO, Eliza, has asked you to create a working proof of concept. Step 1: Create an AWS Educate Account CMIT 495 requires you to complete hands-on assignments in a virtual environment. We will be using Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our virtual environment. Amazon offers a free account for those that register. The attached video provides step-by-step instructions with visuals for how to register a free AWS Educate account . Step 2: Download the Week 1 Assignment Template Download the attached Assignment 1 Template to record your work. Step 3: Install and Configure a Virtual Machine Using the newly created free AWS Educate account, install and configure an Ubuntu server virtual machine (VM) using the most recent version of the 64-bit operating system. You will need to provide a detailed overview of the steps required to install the Ubuntu server operating system on the virtual machine, including screenshots of each step in the process in the Week 1 Assignment Template. For information on installing and configuring a virtual machine: Search for and use AWS documentation and tutorials for instructions and guidance to complete the assignment ( Launch a Linux Virtual Machine ). Consult the AWS Connection Documentation in order to connect to the Ubuntu server. Step 4: Complete the Week 1 Assignment Template and Upload to the Assignment Folder Answer the questions and embed the appropriate screenshots of your Ubuntu server installation. When providing a detailed overview of the steps required to install the Ubuntu server operating system on the virtual machine, make sure to include screenshots of each step in the process. Further details and instructions are included within the Week 1 Assignment Template. When complete, export your file as a PDF and upload it to the LEO Assignments folder (e.g., Week 1 – Virtualization Assignment). Note: You do not have to upload this assignment to Turnitin. Step 5: Stop and Terminate Your Amazon Instance After you complete the Week 1 Assignment, stop and terminate your Amazon deployment/instance. If you don’t, the credits for your free account could run out and you may not be able to complete the Week 2 assignment.

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