1 Project 3 In this assignment you will be performing some additional queries against your Online Vehicle Sales (OVS), Inc. online transaction processing (OLTP) database and also creating some simple anonymous PL/SQL blocks. You will also begin the creation of a data warehouse database for Online Vehicle Sales (OVS), Inc. The full data warehouse is comprised of 4 dimension tables and a fact table based on the Star Schema diagram posted in LEO’s Week #6 area. Your OLTP database tables and star schema tables will reside in the same Oracle schema. This assignment is based on the fully populated tables from Homework #2 so it assumes you’ve completed all work for that assignment. You can perform this assignment based on a database on Nova or any other Oracle system you wish, but you must use the Oracle RDBMS. You should use one or more SQL script files to complete this assignment. Your script files should contain all your SQL and PL/SQL code. Do NOT submit your SQL script files. Doing so may result in confusion and will result in lost points. Everything for this assignment must be in a single file. If you are using SQL*Plus you must put all your SQL, PL/SQL, and results together in a single SPOOL file. If you are using SQL Developer or other GUI, put all your screen snapshots in a single file for both your SQL statements and PL/SQL as they executed and the results. Failure to include all your SQL, PL/SQL, and all your results along with them will result in lost points. Do NOT submit additional files as this only complicates the grading, and will result in lost points. Here are the specific assignment steps. In order to earn full credit you must keep your steps in order, number your steps, and put everything in a single file. 1) Execute SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ; statements for all 6 of your OVS, Inc. OLTP tables. You should have at least the following counts: CUSTOMERS table – 100 rows, VEHICLES table – 50 rows, SALESPERSONS table – 10 rows, FINANCING_PLANS – 5 rows, SALES table – 200 rows, and SALES_FINANCINGS table – 200 rows. 2) Via a single SELECT query display the zip code, make, and count with the largest total car purchases for a zip code and make combination (there may be a tie with two or more). Show the SQL statement you used and the results returned by Oracle from executing your SQL statement right after the statement. 3) Develop a PL/SQL anonymous block that displays the total sales for a zip code for a specific zip code. You may use any of your zip codes you wish. Show the PL/SQL statements in your block, the actual execution of your block, and the results returned. 2 4) Develop a PL/SQL anonymous block that displays the zip code with the largest total car purchases. Since there can be a tie with two or more zip codes, ensure that the lowest numeric zip code is displayed. The zip code displayed should correlate to the results of Step #2. Show the PL/SQL statements in your block, the actual execution of your block, and the results returned. 5) This step begins the creation of your data warehouse. Ensure that your FINANCING_PLANS table has already been created and populated via a “SELECT * FROM financing_plans;” SQL query. This table is used by both your OLTP database and serves as a dimension table in the star schema of your data warehouse database. Your Plan_ID primary key is the Plan_Code column. Don’t worry about changing this to Plan_Code or changing any other column names you already have. Show the SQL you used and executed and the results. 6) Create the DEALERSHIPS star schema dimension table via SQL. Add at least 2 rows of data via INSERT statement(s). After populating your DEALERSHIPS table execute a “SELECT * FROM dealerships;” SQL statement to display the entire contents. Show all your SQL code for this step and the Oracle results from executing it. 7) Create the VEHICLES star schema dimension table via SQL. Change your existing OLTP VEHICLES table to OLTP_VEHICLES via the SQL RENAME comma…

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