Question for CLA 2 Paper: 1. Consider the data given in Activity 3 (Table 4) once again. Augment the data by the dummy variable “cooling tower” as given in Table 6. a. Build a multiple regression model to predict ln (C) by taking S and N or their natural logarithms, as well as CT, as the independent variables. Make sure to check for multicollinearity. b. Use residual analysis and R2 to check your model. c. State which variables are important in predicting the cost of constructing an LWR plant. d. State a prediction equation that can be used to predict ln(C). e. Does adding CT improve R2? If so, by what amount? (Please find Table 6 in the attachment) 2. Consider the data in Table 5 once more. a. Evaluate the correlation between the two scores and state if there seems to be any association between the two. b. Find the probability of upgrading for each division of the sample by the Bayes’ theorem. c. Find the probability of upgrading for each division of the sample by the naïve version of the Bayes’ theorem. d. Compare your results in parts b and c and explain the difference or indifference based on observed probabilities. Question for CLA 2 PPT: In addition to your CLA 2 report, please prepare a professional PowerPoint presentation summarizing your findings for CLA 2. The presentation will consist of your major findings, analysis, and recommendations in a concise presentation of 15 slides (minimum). You should use content from your CLA 2 report as material for your PowerPoint presentation. In addition, you should include learning outcomes from all your major assignments. This would include PA 1, CLA 1, PA 2, and of course, CLA 2 (unless otherwise specified by your Professor). An agenda, executive summary, and references slides should also be included. Presentations should not exceed 6 minutes. Requirement for CLA 2 Paper: 1. Explain your work in detail and provide an in-text citation. 2. Paper needs to be formatted in APA 7th edition 3. Include the initial situation and the initial assumptions in your answers 4. At least 6 peer-reviewed references are required (Recommend to find the articles from proquest.) 5. Needs to include formulas, calculations, and tables. Please use Excel if it is needed. 6. Need to include introduction and conclusion. 7. Please find Table 6 in the attachment. 8. Please find Activity 3 Data (Table 4) in the attachment. You could also refer to the questions and data from: 9. Please find Table 5 in the attachment. 10. Please find the class PPTs and Textbook in the attachment. 11. Please find the previous assignment: Activity 1, Activity 2, PA 1, PA 2, and CLA 1 in the attachment 12. Need to include the textbook as the references. 13. Textbook Information: Bowerman, B., Drougas, A. M., Duckworth, A. G., Hummel, R. M. Moniger, K. B., & Schur, P. J.  (2019). Business statistics and analytics in practice (9th ed.). McGraw-Hill ISBN 9781260187496 14.  Please find the Course Learning Outcome list of this course in the attachment Requirement for PPT 1. Create 15 slides PPT based on the material you write on the CLA2 paper. 2. Please add the scripts of the presentation in the speaker note section of PPT. 3.Time Length: Within 15 minutes 4. Need to include in-text citations and reference page. 5. Include calculations and tables with the explanation. 6. Do not put too many words on the slides. The slides should look simple and clear with main points.

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