Assignment Background

The profession of a sworn law enforcement officer is dangerous. The hazards associated with this career can be life-threatening and sometimes fatal. Lives are changed forever not only for the officers’ co-workers at the agency but for the families. As an extension of that, lives of the victims and offenders are also affected. The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) mandates that information on officers killed and/or assaulted be reported. While there are approximately 17,000 agencies that report data to the FBI, there are some that do not. According to the FBI (2019), t

Assignment Specifics

Prepare a three-page essay on your findings. Particularly discuss types or categories of LEOKA and use-of-force and what each represents.

  • Must be 5 pages (3 full pages for the body of the paper), 1” margins, left aligned, double- spaced, 12-point Times New Roman (Document must be APA compliant)
  • Must include a cover page (follow format discussed in class)
  • Reference page with three sources not older than five (5) years old (include one webpage
  • from below, but the remaining references should be peer-reviewed or academic journals)

    Three references are listed below which can be used for initial research. Cite only ONE in the paper. Please ask questions if necessary.

    he Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted (LEOKA) Program collects data

    from these agencies. The information details how officers were feloniously or accidentally killed

    or assaulted while in-the-line of duty. Law enforcement administrators agree with the FBI

    (2019) that the report provides information to help develop policies to improve officer safety.

    The FBI also provides valuable information on use-of-force to determine the number of deaths

    or serious injuries caused by excessive use-of-force. These are hot topics in society today.

    Select a police agency (or use your home agency) and research the LEOKA and use-of-force

    information related to that agency.

    Federal of Bureau of Investigation. (2019). Law enforcement officers killed and assaulted (LEOKA)

    program. Retrieved from

    Federal of Bureau of Investigation. (2019). National use-of-force data collection. Retrieved from

    Federal Bureau of Investigation. (2019). Uniform crime reporting (UCR) program. Retrieved from

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