Previous weeks work has been uploaded as well as any other pieces needed. Deliverables All files are located in the subdirectory of the project. The project should function as specified: When you visit the Personnel form page (frmPersonnel.aspx), a record should be saved in the tblUserActivity table with the IP address, form name accessed (frmPersonnel), and the date accessed. When you click the View Activity button, you should see at least one record with this information. When the user goes to the frmPersonnel web form and enters data, the following business rules are to be enforced. Fields may not be empty or filled with spaces. If any field is empty, turn that field background color to yellow and add to/create an error message to be shown in the error label. The end date must be greater than the start date. If the end date is less than the start date turn both date fields yellow and add to/create an error message to be shown in the error label. If all fields validate properly, then the session state items should be set properly and the user should see the frmPersonnelVerified form with all the values displayed. You will also add a new item to frmMain that will take the user to the new frmUserActivity form you added. Add the proper link and a hyperlinked image to allow the user to select this new option. Once you have verified that everything works, save your website, zip up all files, and submit it. STEP 1: Step Title 1. Open Microsoft Visual Studio.NET. 2. Open the PayrollSystem website by clicking on it in the Recent Projects list, or by pulling down the File menu, selecting Open Website, navigating to the folder where you previously saved the PayrollSystem, and clicking Open. 3. Download the PayrollSystem_DB.accdb file from the Files section and save it on your local computer. (Note: your operating system may lock or block the file. Once you have copied it locally, right click on the file and select Properties and then Unblock if available). Then add it to the PayrollSystem website as follows: In Visual Studio, in the Solution Explorer click Website, Add Existing Item, then navigate to the PayrollSystem_DB.accdb file you downloaded, and click the Add button. Make sure you select file types, which include *.accdb, *.accdb, etc. Otherwise, you will not be able to see the database file to select. 4. Now we need to create a new connection to the PayrollSystem_DB.accdb. To begin, click View Server Explorer. 5. When the Server Explorer toolbox appears, click the Connect to Database button. 6. When the Add Connection dialog appears, click the Change button. In the Change Data Source dialog, select MS Access Database File; Uncheck Always use this Selection; then click OK. Press Continue to get the following screen. 7. Click the Browse button to navigate to the PayrollSystem_DB.accdb file in your website folder, then click Open. (NOTE: Be sure you select the PayrollSystem_DB.accdb file in your PayrollSystem website folder, not the one you originally downloaded from the Files section). Click Test Connection. You should receive a message that the test connection succeeded. Click OK to acknowledge the message, then click OK again to close the Add Connection dialog. 8. The PayrollSystemDB.accdb should be added to the Server Explorer. Expand the database, then expand the Tables entry under the database until you see tblUserActivity. Leave the Server Explorer window open for now as you will be returning to it in a moment. 9. Create a new dataset by selecting Website-> Add New Item. Under Templates, select the Dataset item. Enter dsUserActivity.xsd for the name. Click Add. 10. If the following message appears, select Yes. You want to make this dataset available to your entire website. 11. If the TableAdapter Configuration Wizard dialog appears, click Cancel. (We will be configuring a Data Adapter for this dataset later in C# code, so we do not need to run this wizard.) 12. Drag-and-drop the tblUserActivity table from the S…

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