write an essay answering the following question: Can a Christian live comfortably (both morally and materially) in today’s consumerist society? While the question itself is simple, your essay in response must demonstrate reflection on the themes from our readings and discussions, both from our earlier unit on the foundations of Christian morality and especially our current unit on ethics in a consumerist society. You will be graded not so much on your answer, but on how thoroughly and intelligently you draw on these readings and discussions. You can use your class notes and readings to help complete the exam. You should include brief citations—parentheses with the author and page number—when you make use of a reading, whether or not you quote it. On this exam, you will be graded on your knowledge of the basic concepts and themes of Christian morality, your understanding of ethics in a consumerist society, your critical thinking, and your writing. Your grade on the exam will be determined by your performance in these areas, as described in the following chart.

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