Objective 2: Analyze the role of a Christian pastor or leader in growing a church or Para-church ministry.

Pulling from prior learning in this course along with the Smith text we will be considering a particular ministry situation. As we consider a particular ministry setting and ministry leader we will analyze it against this week’s reading and learning. This learning activity is intended to give you an opportunity to think critically about leadership and growth within a ministry environment of your choosing. This activity will help you provide a framework for you to build your ministry upon.

Learning Activity #3: Leadership Role Paper
Read Chapters 5-6 of your textbook by Smith, titled Making Your Church Grow.

Write a 2-3 page paper summarizing the role of a Christian pastor or leader in a growing ministry.

To achieve maximum points for content and analysis, the following elements need thoroughly addressed:

  • Succinct summary of a Christian pastor or leader’s role in a growing ministry.
  • Description of a pastor or leader’s efforts of whom you know is in a growing ministry.
  • Summary of that person’s role in the ministry.
  • Comparison and contrast of the text description with the person you identified.
  • Meet expectations provided in the Paper Writing rubric in the syllabus.
  • Provide at least 2 outside sources beyond the textbook, Bible, and dictionary.

Objective 3: Identify how a pastor can equip and deploy lay leaders for church growth.

Previously we briefly touched on recruiting, training, and leading volunteers for ministry. For this learning activity we will be looking deeper into the equipping and deployment of volunteers or laity. If we as leaders want to effectively utilize the people that the Lord has provided for ministry, we need to provide avenues for the equipping and deployment of these individuals. A good strategy will help the ministry leader provide significant and consistent resourcing for individuals that will empower them to be successful and effective.

Learning Activity #4: Grooming Leaders Discussion

Read Chapter 6 of your textbook by Smith, titled Making Your Church Grow.

Identify at least two strategies a pastor can use to equip and deploy lay leaders for church growth. Describe how you would implement the two strategies.


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