You will choose your own fictional e-business to plan and create over the span of the

course. Choose a business that will have products that can be purchased from an estore. Decide if the business will be large or small scale (30 different products vs.
thousands). Before diving in and building your e-business website, you must describe
the business model, including all elements in the Key Elements of a Business Model
chart in Table 2.3, p. 66 in the text.

Using information you have learned in Chapter 4, make decisions about how to set-up
your fictional e-business and create a build and implementation plan. What would be the
best platform/tools for your e-commerce site? Will you host it yourself or pay to
outsource it in the cloud? How much will it cost to set-up? Think about your specific
business model and the solutions that would make sense, both economically and


  • The submitted document must be:
    • At least five pages in total length
    • Double-spaced
    • 1-inch margins
    • 12 point font
  • Name and type of e-business
  • Business Model (Two typed pages)
  • Build and Implementation plan (Three typed pages)
    • Identify business objectives, system functionality, and information requirements
    • Will you build or outsource the website? If building, choose hardware/software platform and CMS. Will you need interactivity and active content?
    • What shopping cart will you use? How does it function?
    • Will you need a mobile app or will you choose to make the website and shopping cart responsive? How did you make your decision?
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