Choose a work health or safety problem that has been in the news within the past year. Do not use a problem that has been presented in class (asbestos, methylene chloride, or diacetyl). The hazard can pose a physical risk or a psychological risk . In your presentation: 1) concise overview of the hazard, the health/safety risks it poses, and what is (or isn’t) being done about it; 2) using the power mapping process, present your analysis of who has a stake in the issue and why (this may be a person/people, an organization, a company, etc.); 3) what do you think an ideal resolution to the problem is?; and 4) do you think your resolution would be implemented ? Why or why not?

Do not write and submit a paper. The idea is to make the topic interesting and memorable for your audience. You can use any presentation program that is compatible with Canvas; for instance, you can upload a Powerpoint, a Prezi, a video or some other program that combines visual, text and/or audio. If you have an audio component to your presentation, please include closed-captioning or include accompanying text. Presentations should take 3 minutes or less to read, view, or listen to. Presentations that are too brief and that do not reflect significant effort rarely earn a grade of ‘B’ or better. I am looking for effort (you have a week to do this part of the assignment, so this is a reasonable expectation), thoughtfulness, your best critical thinking about the hazard plus some creativity. Including core concepts or principles presented in class (for instance, the hazard control hierarchy) is a plus!

You are informing others about a workplace hazard, so all information presented should be from credible sources. Use at least 3 sources for the presentation, including one from a scholarly source. Whatever presentation format you use, you must credit your sources somewhere in the presentation.

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