CHILD OBSERVATION ASSIGNMENT REPORT Summer 2019 CHILD OBSERVTION REPORT DESCRIPTION: will write two separate child Observation Reports to fulfill these assignments involving observing a child of different ages (an infant OR toddler age  and an early childhood OR a school-age child) and will then use the child observation notes as a basis for writing a report about the child’s development in the domains. Each report is worth 65 points. It is a course requirement that students complete both observation reports. If a student does not pass in the Observation Reports the notes will not be graded for credit. If a student does not pass in both observations any extra credit points will not be graded as part of the final grade. Students should use the Child Observation Grading Report Form for the report. Do not make your own form or copy/change the form in any way. Do not pass in a grading form that you have made a PDF document. FINAL CHILD OBSERVATION REPORT DUE DATES: Observation One -Choose either the Infant OR Toddler age for the observation report  (4 months- 2.4 years). The Observation Notes Form is Due 7/26 and the Child Observation Report Grading Form is Due 7/29 by 11:30 PM. Submit the child observation notes form and the child observation report grading form titled with your name and the name of the observation on Moodle using the assignment link. The observation notes should be written as a separate document using the Observation Notes Form in the Observation folder. After submitting the Observation Notes Form, the notes should then be copied to the end of the Child Observation Report Grading Form that will be submitted later. Observation Two – Choose either the Early Childhood observation paper-(3 to 5 years) OR School-age observation paper (6-11 years). The Due Date for the Child Observation Report Notes is 8/17 by 11:30 PM. The Child Observation Two Grading Form with the notes copied to the end due date is 8/20 by 11:30 PM. Note: If you choose a child who is 2 years four months for Observation One do not do Observation Two on a 3 year old. **Note:   All students should do Observation One on a child who is between 4 months and 2 years four months. For Observation Two students who are early childhood education majors should complete the early childhood observation (3-5 years). If you are an education major, you should complete the middle childhood age report (6-11 years) unless you cannot find a child of that age group and then you may do the report on the early childhood age. You may choose the early childhood or middle childhood age child if you are human services or another major. If a student does not have a child for the report, students may visit a referred child care site for an observation of a toddler and/or preschool age child.  Students will need to sign up ahead of time with the course Professor and receive a letter of introduction to set up a visit to the referred child care center. Students will need to contact the center director to set up the observation time after the director is notified by the course Professor. A letter of introduction will need to be brought to the site with the student BHCC ID or driver’s license if not a regular BHCC student. Students should not contact the director of the center unless they have given their name and received a letter of introduction from the course professor. The address for the program will also be posted. CHILD OBSERVATION AND REPORT DESCRIPTION: Audience for this Assignment: You are to take the role of an observer spending a minimum at least 60 minutes observing each child and recording your observation notes for your report. You may also spend more time with the child and write the observation notes for sections of time.  Each set of instructions below details the ages of children to be observed and other particulars to consider when looking for developmental trends as you observe children of different ages. Possible observation ideas are presented at…

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