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Compare a contraceptive’s perfect use with its typical use. Discuss factors that may influence each.

Note- in this Forum, students often reveal their own preferences for contraception. That’s perfectly OK, but rest assured– there is no need to disclose this kind of personal information if you’d rather not. We respect your privacy!

Student #1:

Hey guys so when I think of contraception I think of birth control and condoms. What do I think of both of those? I’m about to tell you. Birth control is a very popular and widely used way to not get pregenant all over the world. People think birth control is the most effective and convenient. Which that is true birth control is very effective and convenient. The pill isnt the best to me because women forget to take it sometimes and it gets them pregenant. Then you have the IUD and that is great too for some women but for others the man complains sometimes because it pokes them so there are benefits and cons for all. There is also a patch but I dont find that very trusting. But the shot would be promising you get it every few months and you cant forget to take it or anything. Then we have condoms to talk about and condoms can be very effective If used right. Sometimes people use the wrong size and it could slide off or the sperm could leak out. Or if your using certain types of lube it can eat the condom away. There’s lots of factors when it comes to using condoms and birth control but they are both effective if used right and with birth control you have different choices. I usually just use condoms because my girlfriend already has health issues and I dont want her to take birth control on top of her other medications. Why do you suppose so many people cannot seem to use condoms effectively? What are your thoughts here and why?Thank you for reading have a great day.

Student #2:

There are many different kinds of contraceptives available in the health industry today to help people that are not ready for pregnancy or people that are fully avoiding it. There is always going to be a perfect use and typical use of contraceptives.

The ultimate perfect use is abstinence, the only 100% effective method of preventing pregnancy. Abstinence is the best method and requires no medical treatment, shots, certified physicians, and does not affect fertility.

On the other hand, there are also typical usage of contraceptives. There are numerous options for typical use of contraceptives. The options range from withdrawal, condoms, intrauterine devices (IUDs), shots, and emergency contraception just to name a few. Each option obviously has its positive and negative aspects as well. The option or usage of withdrawal or condoms is probably the most dangerous and least successful contraceptive due to the simple fact that it only takes one mistake to end up with a pregnancy that one may not be ready for. Another option is emergency contraception which may be used if you had unprotected sex, the condom broke during sex, or you were raped. The main emergency contraception method is known as “the morning-after pill” which can be found at any local pharmacy. The emergency contraception method can stop ovulation and ultimately not allow the sperm to fertilize the egg.

The most important thing to remember is though that none of these typical use contraceptives prevent or protect somebody from a sexually transmitted infection. The only way to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections is either through communication as a couple or abstinence.

Minimum 150 words answer to each

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