So I just need you to check if this is a good way to start and write an Autobiography. And also go over the grammer do some changes if you find any mistakes. I really need it to look professional.

My name is …….. i’m … years old. I’m originally from …… I lived in …. before I relocated to the United states. I was almost … years old when I migrated to the United States and became a citizen in 20.. . I attended … High school back in 20.. .and spent 3 semesters , I did not graduate from this school. Later i attended .. charter school in 2017 and completed my missing credits, so i graduated and earned my high school diploma in august of 20.. . afterwards i enrolled in …. College . curentlly im a student in …. Pursuing an associate degree in Administration of justice. The college is located in …… . i have completed 27 units so far and still pursuing 12 this semester. I have not finished any Administration of Justice courses thus far but im taking courses now that will be fulfilled in December of this year. The courses are intro to administration of justice , criminal trial process , public safety communications , and community and the justice system . I do not have any military experience. I have been working since … when I started my first job at …… , spent a little over one year in that establishment. I wanted to do something better so I started looking for other job opportunities. In 2015, I was successful haired by cable company named ….. . starting my second job as a cable technician doing work for time warner cable (spectrum) . earning a very good experience in the cabling system. For better employment benefits , and financial incentive , I left my position at …… to start with a different cable company named ….. Doing the same duties for …. In 2017. The new company is located in …. And I worked there for less than a year in 2018. I decided to quit the cable work to free up more time for myself to pursue my educational goals. Late 2018 i started doing Uber and Lyft which i found the more flexible time schedule to go along side my educational commitments. I have no police experience but I have always been passionate about police work. Generally, I like to have a balanced life between work, school, and following my interests. Physically I have maintained a certain level that I hope to keep. I spend my free time at the GYM working out mostly. I Used to play soccer when I was a teen. I’m a big fan of soccer. Traveling and exploring other cities is very interesting to me. Learn a history of place is very rewarding to me. During my childhood police officers were always getting my attention. I grow up and had the same interest in police. When I moved to the United States the interest turned into a dream and a career I would love to do for the rest of my life. As an adult now I understand the risk and the duties that the police officers handle on daily bases. I want to enter the law enforcement to serve and help the community I live in. I believe that I have what It take to perform the duty with great perfection and honor. I’m thrilled to apply to the police academy expecting that by the time I graduate be prepared to start my career as a peace officer. I also expect to be acquainted of the importance laws that applies to police officers. As well as the good report writing skills. I think I will be a good police officer because I’m willing to do my best and work the hardest to succeed in this field. I’m Also physically well prepared. I will be a good team player as a teamwork and will be there whenever needed for any extra work or responsibilities.

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