Note: the article references must be from my university’s online library

I want an assignment about the topic below in APA Format .

  • Characteristics of Successful Business People/Entrepreneurs
    • What are the top characteristics of successful business people?
      • How can one develop these characteristics?

Therefore i need you to watch the 3 videos that the professor put and follow it exactly. By the way when you watch the 3 videos you will see that the assignment is easier that what we did. you have my username and password to my account in university’s website. the steps exactly to find the 3 videos as below : 1- go to this link… 2- put my account’s username and password 3- go to ” Student” in the left of page 4- go to ” Blackboard Learn for Student” 5- you will see ” My course ” on the right . choose ”
Grad_BCOM Fall2017” 6- on the left of the page you will find ” course materials ” then go to ” Tegrity Classses” 7- kindly watch the first 3 videos ” Ch 12 ” and follow them literally you will find how exactly the work should be done.

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