Challenge Yourself 7.4 In this project, you will analyze housing trends using charting tools. Skills needed to complete this project: • Changing the Sparkline Type • Adding Markers to Sparklines • Applying Quick Styles and Other Formatting to Sparklines • Formatting Other Chart Elements • Emphasizing a Data Point in a Pie Chart • Formatting a Data Point or a Data Series • Inserting a Shape • Applying Quick Styles and Other Formatting to Shapes • Adding and Removing Trendlines • Changing Trendline Options • Inserting a Picture • Applying Quick Styles and Other Formatting to Pictures • Resizing and Moving Pictures • Adding a Picture to a Header This image appears when a project instruction has changed to accommodate an update to Microsoft Office 365. If the instruction does not match your version of Office, try using the alternate instruction instead. Important: Download the resource file(s) needed for this project from the Resources link. Make sure to extract the file(s) after downloading the resources zipped folder. Visit the SIMnet instant help for step-bystep instructions

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