1. you have landed your dream job working for Steve Evert, Unfortunately. Steve doesn’t understand the different methodologies. Create a brief overview of the different development methodologies and explain which one you recommend using to build a new system.

2. Be sure explain why building a prototype is beneficial during systems development.

Case: Bugs Everywhere

QUESTIONS: 1. Rank the three types of bugs by which one is the most difficult to identify 2. What happens if matrices are not tracked on bug identification and bug fixes? 3. What happens if a bug is not caught during development and goes live in production? 4. Imagine the following scenario: A tester creates a new bug report for a problem that was already identified as a bug; however, it is not detected as duplicate. What happened to the project? this is a particularly common issue with large, complex system development efforts. how can you mitigate of different users reporting the same bug or problem about the same system?

Disaster at Denver International Airport

QUESTION: 1. One problem with DIA´s baggage system was inadequate testing. Why is testing to a project´s success? why do so many projects decide to skip testing? 2. Evaluate the different systems development methodologies. which one have most significantly increased the chances of the project´s success? 3. How could more time spent in the analysis and design phase have saved Colorado taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars? 4. why coul BAE no take an exiting IT infrastructure and symply increase its scale and expect it to work?

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