• Write about 2pages in single or double space.


Case Studies Assignment: Indigo Music

Please carefully read through the provided case study and write 1-2 page analysis of Indigo Music’s company/business CRM strategy and challenges. Identify and solve underlying CRM/marketing challenges presented in the materials with examples or citations from the text and additional resources.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Depth of case study analysis and reason:
    • Provide a summary of how Indigo Music approached CRM (i.e. project team, business requirements) and summarize the strategy — detailing the problem, value proposition, customer strategy, business case, and transformation plan.
  • Application of CRM concepts and/or tools
    • What programs or tools did Indigo Music leverage? Any other recommendations?
    • How did Indigo Music define success? Provide feedback on metrics or benchmarks used -OR- recommendations
  • Support for case analysis or argument (i.e. industry examples, citations)
    • What other approaches to defining a CRM plan would have recommended? Is there anything that you would have done differently as the CRM project lead? If not, why
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