I am earning a degree in radiologic technology with a focus on radiation therapy. this must be written in APA format

APSU 1000 – Freshman Seminar Library Assignment: Career Research Paper

This assignment will allow you to explore a career or field of your choice, while at the same time learning about important campus resources, such as how to use the Woodward Library. You will research a career, write about what you discover, and compile a bibliography of the sources you used. Follow the steps below to begin.

  1. Go to the Woodward Library homepage: library.apsu.edu
    a. Goto“Search&Find,”then“AustinLibraryCatalog”toaccesstheOccupationalOutlookHandbook. Find and use the section relevant to your career.
    b. Goto“Search&Find,”then“ArticleDatabases.”Clickon“G”tolocatetheGeneralOneFiledatabase and use it to find a good journal article on a current trend or issue in the field.
  2. Go to APSU’s homepage: apsu.edu. Search the “A-Z Index” to find the APSU Undergraduate Bulletin, 2019-2020. Go to “Course Descriptions” and review the listings in your major, especially the upper division classes. Upper division courses are those numbered 3xxx and 4xxx (i.e. PSY 3100 or ACCT 4010).
  3. Write a 2-3 page paper (approximately 1,000 words, typed, and double-spaced) that relates your career research to yourself. The paper should be titled “Personal Career Analysis,” followed by a subtitle specific to your career choice (ex. Personal Career Analysis: Librarian). The paper should address all of the following points:A. Introduction:
    1 Identify and give a brief description of your career.
    2 Why does this field interest you? Be focused and state a concrete opinion.B. Body:
    3 What about the nature of the work interests you the most?
    4 What educational requirements are needed for this career? How do you plan to meet these requirements?
    5 Identify two upper division courses in your major. Why do you think those courses will be useful to you in this field?
    6 What is the employment outlook for this job? Beyond this job, what are theopportunities for career growth?
    7What is the current trend or professional issue associated with this career described inthe journal article you found? Why is it important? How will it impact you?
    8 Identify a professional association for this field. What is the association and what does it do? If it has a website, what is the URL? [Note: Refer to the “More Info” section for yourcareer in the Occupational Outlook Handbook] C. Conclusion:9 After performing your research, is this still a career in which you are interested? Explain why or why not.
    10 If the career does still interest you, what is one step you can take this year to helpprepare yourself for that job? If the career does not still interest you, what is one step you can take this year to get on track for a different career path?
  4. In your paper, you must use at least one direct quotation and at least one correct paraphrase from your research sources. You must also cite your sources within your text using the style guide required by your APSU 1000 instructor. You need to do these things properly, avoiding even unintentional plagiarism.
  5. Compile a bibliography (Works Cited or References) page listing each source you used, including the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the APSU Undergraduate Bulletin, the journal article, and a professional association website.

You can find help from the library’s homepage with our Ask-A-Librarian service or How-To Guides:



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