Answer questions #1-6. Do not need to show work.

  • 1. Suppose you are dealt one card from a standard deck of cards. What is the probability that the card is a King?
  • 2. Suppose you are dealt two cards, one after the other, from a standard deck of cards. Find P(Ace, Ace).
  • 3. Suppose that Mr. Henderson remembers to give his children their weekly allowance 40% of the time. What is the probability that he will remember to pay them every time for the next 4 weeks?
    (type your solution below as a decimal – do not round)
  • 4. A group of 8 friends have been given 3 free movie tickets for this weekend. How many groups of 3 friends can go to the movie this weekend?
  • 5. A committee of 5 people is going to be selected from a group of 4 men and 6 women. What is the probability that the committee will contain exactly 3 women?
  • 6. You open a bag of M&M candies to find that it contains 2 green, 4 yellow, 6 brown, and 3 red pieces of candy. If you were going to randomly eat an M&M from the bag, what is P(~yellow)? (Round to 3 decimal places)
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