(1) Learn to create class structure in C++ (2) Create an array of objects in C++ (3) Search and perform operations on the array of objects Project Description: The input csv file for this project consists of rows of data that deals with COVID-19 cases and deaths per day for each county in every state in the United States. Here is an example, date,county,state,fips,cases,deaths 2020-01-21,Snohomish,Washington,53061,1,0 2020-01-22,Snohomish,Washington,53061,1,0 2020-01-23,Snohomish,Washington,53061,1,0 For the purposes of this project, we will assume that the following are char* data types: date, county, and state. FIPS (unique identifier for each county) along with cases and deaths are int data types. Please note the comma delimiter in each row. You need ­­­to carefully read each field knowing that you will have a comma. You will use redirected input (more later) to read an input txt file that contains the following: counts  //number of data entries in the csv file Filename.csv  //this is the file that contains the covid-19 data Command  //details of what constitutes a command is given below Command Command …. Your C++ program will read the counts value on the first line of the txt file, which represents the number of data entries in the csv file. (Note – the first line of the csv file contains descriptive variable fields, so there will be a total of [number of data entries + 1] lines in the csv file). Then, on the second line, it will read the Filename.csv and open the file for reading (more on how to do this in C++). After you open the file, you will read the data from each row of the csv file and create a COVID19 object. The COVID19 class is given below. You need to implement all of the necessary methods. class COVID19 { protected: char* date; char* county; char* state; int fips; int cases; int deaths; public: COVID19 (); //default constructor COVID19 (char* da, char* co, char* s, int f, int ca, int de); //initializer display (); //write all accessors and other methods as necessary }; After your write the above class you will write the following class: class COVID19DataSet { protected: COVID19* allData; int count; //number of COVID19 objects in allData int size; //maximum size of array public: COVID19DataSet (); //default constructor COVID19DataSet (int initSize); void display (); void addRow (COVID19& oneData); int findTotalCasesByCounty (char* county, char* state); int findTotalDeathsByCounty (char* county, char* state); int findTotalCasesByState (char* state); int findTotalDeathsByState (char* state); int findTotalCasesBySateWithDateRange (char* state, char* startDate, char* endDate); int findTotalDeathsBySateWithDateRange (char* state, char* startDate, char* endDate); ~COVID19(); //destructor //other methods as deem important }; The structure of the main program will be something like this: #include using namespace std; // Write all the classes here int main () { int counts; // number of records in Filename.CSV int command; COVID19 oneRow; //read the filename, for example, Filename.csv //open the Filename.csv using fopen (google it for C++ to find out) //assume that you named this file as myFile //read the first integer in the file that contains the number of rows //call this number counts COVID19DataSet* myData = new COVID19DataSet (counts); for (int i=0; i < counts; i++) { //read the values in each row //use setters to set the fields in oneRow (*myData).addRow (oneRow); } //end for loop while (!cin.eof()) { cin >> command; switch (command) { case 1: { //read the rest of the row (*myData).findTotalCasesByCounty (county, state); break; } case 2: { //do what is needed for command 2 break; } case 3: { //do what is needed for command 3 break; } case 4: { //do what is needed for command 4 break; } case 5: { //do what is needed for command 5 break; } case 6: { //do what is needed for command 6 break; } default: cout << “Wrong commandn”; } //end switch } //end while delete myData; return 0; } Input Str...

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