Your task is to take the temperature readings and generate for each core: A piecewise linear interpolation. A global linear least squares approximation. (Optional) A cubic spline (or other non-linear) interpolation. 2 Program Arguments & Execution Your program must accept an input filename as the first command line argument. Your program must NOT prompt the user for a filename. 2.1 Input Format Data takes the form of temperatures in a txt file. All data points are whitespace delimited. For example, if I had 5 temperature readings: Example 1: Sample Input with Labels +61.0°C +63.0°C +50.0°C +58.0°C +80.0°C +81.0°C +68.0°C +77.0°C +62.0°C +63.0°C +52.0°C +60.0°C +83.0°C +82.0°C +70.0°C +79.0°C +68.0°C +69.0°C +58.0°C +65.0°C Example 2: Sample Input without Labels 61.0 63.0 50.0 58.0 80.0 81.0 68.0 77.0 62.0 63.0 52.0 60.0 83.0 82.0 70.0 79.0 68.0 69.0 58.0 65.0 would be a possible input files. Each line represents temperature readings from 4 processor cores. Process each temperature column independently. Readings are taken every 30 seconds. In this example: line 1 is 0 sec line 2 is 30 sec , line 3 is 60 sec . line 4 is 90 sec . line 5 is 120 sec . line 6 is 150 sec . line 7 is 180 sec . Your first step should be to pre-process this data into a usable form. Conceptually, you need the data in the following format: This table is a conceptual visualization of the data. You may select any combination data structures, e.g., ADTS (classes or structs), arrays, lists, vectors, or maps. Time (sec)Core 0Core 1Core 2Core 3061. 2.3 Output Format All output must be written to text files (one file pre core). Each line must take the form: xk<=x 0 && cell1Id < 10) &&  *      (cell2Id > 0 && cell2Id < 10) &&  *      (cell3Id > 0 && cell3Id < 10)  */ CellTriple get3Cells(int cell1Id, int cell2Id, int cell3Id) const;

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