In the English measurement system, 1 yard equals 3 feet and 1 foot equals 12 inches.  Use this information to create an application that lets the user convert distances to and from inches, feet and yards. Figure 4-35 on page 265 shows an example of how the application’s form might appear.  In the example, the user enters the distance to be converted into a TextBox.  A ListBox allows the user to select the units being converted from, and another ListBox allows the user to select the units being converted to. Note: Be sure to handle the situation where the user picks the same units from both list boxes.  The converted value will be the same as the value entered. Add the following comments to the beginning of the program. Name: Your Name Class and Section: CS 165 02 Assignment: Program Assignment 03 Due Date: See above Date Turned in: Program Description: You write a short description of what the program will do I want the program works on visual studio

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