Think about a leader who you look up to and write about what values you believe that they hold that you hope to emulate in your own leadership. This could be a personal supervisor you’ve worked for, a famous leader from history, a famous leader of today.

I really hope that something you all strive to get out of this class is the space to think about truly who you want to be as a leader in your life. As we think through that, let’s set a big goal and specific parts of ourselves that we will need to build in order to be that. For example, “My previous boss made me feel like we were all valued as intellectual partners in this work. He lead with compassion and was always very thoughtful. I hope that as I build out my own leadership style, I think through how I can be more inclusive to make people feel they are an additive part of the team.”

Remember to read the guidelines below for all details on assignment requirements to be successful.

Each week writing assignment guidelines:

This response will focus on relating concepts to the business sector that you have decided to focus on by highlighting relevant and timely examples from real-world organizations.

In this assignment, you will substantiate your position by researching and sharing at least two resource hyperlinks (textbook, news article, blog post, other research) which substantiate your response.

These written responses should be at least one and a half pages in length (1 inch margins, 12 point font, double-spaced) and will be submitted weekly through Canvas where you may author your response or upload a file.

There will be a total of 13 possible responses (maximum of 50 points each), your lowest score will be dropped.

Each individual will submit one response and be prepared to discuss their response in-class during the following meeting.

Your grade will be based on:

  • clarity of your writing
  • quality of connections made between your writing and minimum of 2 selected references
  • critical thinking skills shown
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