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References: Ken ,Black. (2016). Business Statistic For contemporary Decision Making 9th Edition

Feel free to use more than one reference.

Cannot accept more than 5% of plagiarism

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Business Statistics

Ch 5 – Discrete Distributions

1. What are some of the key assumptions associated with the binomial distribution?

2. Define a random variable in order to differentiate between a discrete distribution and a continuous distribution.

3. Determine the mean, variance, and standard deviation of a discrete distribution.

4. Solve problems involving the binomial distribution using the binomial formula and the binomial table.

Ch 6 – Continuous Distributions

5. Compare and contrast elements from discrete and continuous probability distributions.

6. Solve for probabilities in a continuous uniform distribution.

7. Solve for probabilities in a normal distribution using z scores and for the mean, the standard deviation, or a value of x in a normal distribution when given information about the area under the normal curve.

8. Solve problems from the discrete binomial distribution using the continuous normal distribution and correcting for continuity.

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