Business News Presentation & Summary Guidelines

Each student will find and present a short news item related to a recent business topic discussed in class. Appropriate sources include newspapers, magazines, websites, press releases, radio/television news, etc. Presentations should be 2-3 minutes in duration, and should include a brief summary of the news item, a discussion of how the item relates to the assigned course concept, and a thought-provoking question or other method to stimulate in-class discussion of the topic. A short written summary of the news item must also be submitted.

For specific point values of each Business News assignment (presentation and written summary), please see scoring rubric in D2L Assignments folder.

Oral presentation (5%) should follow the following criteria:

  • provide full presentation (summary and question, but not including discussion) within 2-3 minutes time frame;
  • clearly acknowledge source of selected story, article, or example (including author’s name, publication name, publication date);
  • provide clear summary of main points related to selected story, article, or example;
  • demonstrate that story, article, or example is clearly relevant to assigned topic; and
  • introduce suitable, relevant, and thought-provoking question, and lead brief in-class discussion.

Written summary (3%) should follow the following criteria:

  • 1-2 pagesin length (double-spaced);
  • clearly acknowledge source of selected story, article, or example;
  • include clear written summary of main points of selected story, article, or example; and
  • include suitable, relevant, and thought-provoking question to stimulate discussion.

You can take news that is related to my topic Management, Motivation, and Leadership (e.g., theories of motivation, organizational models, leadership styles)in these websites:

  • Following are examples of sources you are welcome to use when looking for items for your Business News Presentation. While most of these sites are free, some may require you to create an account and/or to start a paid subscription in order to view articles.
  • You are also welcome to use other websites, magazines, radio or television news, or other sources that provide suitable (and credible) business news items.

Book Name >> Kelly, M., Williams, C., J, MacKenzie, H.F., & Snow, K. (2017). BUSN: Introduction to Business (3rd Canadian ed.). Canada: Nelson Education Ltd. ISBN-10: 0-17-657034-9 “chapter 13”.

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