1. Identify a business that interests you
  2. analyze and explain their CURRENT business model – be sure to identify and describe all sections of the Business Model Canvas and how these pieces fit together for this venture. *This will require research into your company!
  3. Identify the point of differentiation for this company and explain what the most important parts of their Business Model Canvas are to maintain their market position

Criteria Ratings Pts

ProfessionalismSubmission meets subject matter requirements, is free of grammar and spelling mistakes, and is appropriately organized and formatted.

5.0 pts

ContentEach section is thoroughly and thoughtfully completed. Understanding of each section is shown.

5.0 pts

CompletionSubmitted on time and in the right format.

5.0 pts

Topic MasteryStudent actively displays understanding of the material, goes beyond the bare minimum, and demonstrates ability to synthesize course material and apply it to real life situations.

5.0 pts

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