-you will research opportunities and threats facing a real company and create a two-page business memo detailing your recommendations, data researched, and analysis.

The audience is the CEO of McDonal’s. (Keep in mind that CEO are not looking for opinions or a list of readily available facts they can find on their own or may already know. Instead, they seek recommendations. )These are assertive statements that represent your proposal of what should be done and why – and they are always based on solid data and analysis.

– For this memo, your job is to identify third-party researched data from databases to support your recommendations. Each recommendation will need 3 – 4 different data points to support your recommendation.

You should proceed with more detailed research using a number of databases, including:

Hoovers or Merchants





Lexis Nexis

General Google Searches

– The memo will be two pages maximum, using 12-point font and 1.25 or 1.5 line spacing. One additional page should list your citations (using APA citation style), for a total length of three pages for this assignment.

– The three recommendations should be ranked in order, with the most important one listed first.

For your first (most important) recommendation only: if the CEO were to give you the go-ahead to implement the primary recommendation, what would be three critical next steps the company would need to take over the next six months to address that recommendation?

For each of the three steps, provide what actions need to be done, when, and by whom.

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