Assignment 1 Steps

Resources: Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making, Ch. 11

Answer the following questions in 400 words using the Lachlin Corporation Balance Sheet located on p. 575 of Financial Accounting:

  • How many shares of common stock are outstanding?
  • Assuming there is a stated value, what is the stated value of the common stock?
  • What is the par value of the preferred stock?
  • If the annual dividend on preferred stock is $36,000, what is the dividend rate on preferred stock?
  • If dividends of $72,000 were in arrears on preferred stock, and the company declared dividends of $200,000 what amount would be the dividends paid to preferred stockholders and what amount would be paid to common stockholders? Explain “in arrears” and how this impacts the payment of dividends on preferred and common stock.

Use the Week 4 Excel® spreadsheet and submit with your answers. Use excel formulas to calculate results.

Assignment 2 P11-5A Layes Corporation has been authorized to issue 20,000 shares of $100 par value, 7%, noncumulative preferred stock and 1,000,000 shares of no‐par common stock. The corporation assigned a $5 stated value to the common stock. At December 31, 2017, the ledger contained the following balances pertaining to stockholders’ equity.

Preferred Stock

$  150,000

Paid‐in Capital in Excess of Par Value—Preferred Stock


Common Stock


Paid‐in Capital in Excess of Stated Value—Common Stock


Treasury Stock (4,000 common shares)


Retained Earnings


Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income


The preferred stock was issued for $170,000 cash. All common stock issued was for cash. In November 4,000 shares of common stock were purchased for the treasury at a per share cost of $9. No dividends were declared in 2017.


(a) Prepare the journal entries for the following.

  1. Issuance of preferred stock for cash.
  2. Issuance of common stock for cash.
  3. Purchase of common treasury stock for cash.

(b) Prepare the stockholders’ equity section of the balance sheet at December 31, 2017.

(b) Tot. stockholders’ equity


Prepare a stockholders’ equity section.

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