Answer two questions that are documented on the following pages. Ensure that you justify your answers for the two questions. You have all the appendices that you need to provide justification(s) for your answers!!! Since the final exam is similar in content of homeworks, the following guidelines apply: Page 1 Specific content What you can do What you cannot do Alternative strategies not recommended Definitions: you can use the exact same definitions (assuming they are accurate), word for word, from your homework in your final exam. Reasons why each strategy is inappropriate: you cannot use the same information that you documented in your homework. Rather, these reasons must be different since this is a different case study and your reasons should be different! If you copy and use exact text for any of the reasons, this is plagiarism and may result in you earning 0 points for entire question. Your recommended strategy for questions 1 and 2 Description of strategy: this must be original text with nothing copied from homework 3 or 4. Description of strategy: you cannot copy text from either homework 3 or 4. Instead, you must use different words in your description. Justification for vendor or internal strategy You must create original text. You cannot copy and use exact text for your justification. Your ability to justify/support your recommendations reveals if you understand the material. Therefore, your thoroughness is one criterion on which your grade will be determined!!!! The following guidelines apply to writing your final exam: 1. Use word for your document. 2. Write in a businesslike manner: a. Be brief and to the point. However, use complete sentences. b. Use bullet points throughout your exam. c. Do not use contractions since this would not be used in any type of a formal report. This especially applies to consulting reports that would be provided at the end of a project. d. Run spell check feature in word to lessen chance of having such errors in your final exam. 3. If I pointed out any issue in your homework 3 or 4 reports, be sure to correct this in your final exam. 4. Again, do not use the same justification as you did in your homework assignments!!!! This is because the environment is totally different in the final exam’s case study as well as the fact that this is considered plagiarism. The above issues are crucial to earning a passing grade, since your final exam submission should be a compilation of what you learned during the quarter. Again, remember to write this in a businesslike manner. I do not grade on volume of information; rather, i grade on the level of accuracy and thoroughness throughout your exam. Also, it is possible to be thorough and brief at the same time!!! Page 2 Question #1 (worth 50 out of 100 points) Question #1 is about Disaster Recovery. See the following questions you need to answer: Question 1: Document your recovery strategy for the hardware/software used by the “Jacksonville regional operations” documented in “Appendix 2—RTOs and RPOS for applications by department.” (note: the departments included in Jacksonville regional operations are: a) customer relations; b) Claim Payment Activities; c) Customer Phone Contact; and d) Utilization Mgmt.). Provide a disaster recovery strategy only for the following 3 software applications (and related hardware) that are highlighted in yellow on the appendix 2 spreadsheet: 1. CAS 2. PCS 3. Workflow Routing Even though we are concerned about , we also need to consider the operations in Mesa, Arizona and San Antonio, Texas when we design our disaster recovery strategy. The reason is that these two offices perform the same functions as the Jacksonville Regional Operations, with employees using the same hardware and software as those in the Jacksonville Regional Operations. In fact, the 3 hardware and software items reside in the Jacksonville Technology/Image Center are accessed by employees in these 3 locations. Your recovery strategy shoul…

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