BCDR, RTO, RPO, HIPAA and Computer Science  expertise is REQUIRED.  Generalists need not respond.  This is NOT an essay. This is analysis of a BIA case study for Business Continuity and Disaster recovery with healthcare, government, and HIPAA components. Must recommend appropriate BCDR strategies for a multi-site health insurance organization with considerations for departmental and thereby overall organizational RTOs and RPOs. Some content must be copied from two attached previous assignments. This is NOT an essay.  PLEASE read instructions carefully. There is no specified page length for this task, but it MUST encompass all items listed in the instructions, provide rationale for proposed solutions, reasons for non-selected solutions, and responses to all exam questions including accurate HIPAA references where appropriate.   I estimate 10 pages including copied sections, but this is not a firm requirement provided that all of the aforementioned items are addressed, and all instructions followed.  APA writing style preferred

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