Part 1: Post a Response Managers spend 1/3 of their time communicating up and down the organizational hierarchy. Communication is the transfer and understanding of information from one person to another. The communication model comprises of several parts. We want to examine the Communication Pathway or medium in which communication is delivered. The Communication Pathway is the pathway messages are sent, including: face-to-face meetings, electronic mail and online discussions, written letters or memorandums, and telephone or voice-mail, among others. While some people may be better at using certain mediums over others, certain mediums can be better suited for the specific message being conveyed. For this week’s discussion, suppose you are a manager who needs to communicate several messages to employees of the company. Messages 1. The CEO abruptly resigns after the news media reported, the CEO embezzles millions of dollars 2. A plan to relocate the company 3. The death of an employee 4. The reassignment of one division to a new location For each of the messages above: List the medium (telephone, email, text, face-to-face meeting, etc.) you would use to communicate the message. Explain why you choose that medium over the other possible mediums. Then, look at the messages from a general sense and explain how your choices affect trust and credibility among the employees.

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