Issues related to fairness, honesty, and integrity may arise because business is sometimes regarded as a Answer [removed] contest, with the most profitable firm “winning.” [removed] contest, with the most ethical firm “winning.” [removed] war requiring surprise attacks, guerrilla warfare, and other warlike tactics to win the battle for consumers’ dollars. [removed] game governed by its own rules rather than those of society. [removed] game governed by the rules of society. 5 points 1. The classifications of ethical issues discussed in the text are Answer [removed] honesty, fairness and integrity, abusive and intimidating behavior, lying, conflict of interest, bribery, fraud, discrimination, sexual harassment, environmental issues, and information technology. [removed] bribery, accounting fraud, discrimination, sexual harassment, and lying. [removed] conflict of interest, bribery, fraud, honesty and fairness, and discrimination. [removed] bribery, lying, honesty and fairness, discrimination, and technology. [removed] fraud, conflict of interest, discrimination, sexual harassment, and lying. The primary method for resolving conflicts and serious business ethics disputes is Answer [removed] criminal law. [removed] a Federal Trade Commission arbitration panel. [removed] lawsuits using civil laws. [removed] the Resolution Panel of the Department of Justice. [removed] the Better Business Bureaus. 1. It is impossible to agree on ________ judgments about what is ethical. Answer [removed] normative [removed] descriptive [removed] regular [removed] acceptable [removed] typical 1. The most significant influence on ethical behavior in the organization is Answer [removed] gender. [removed] nationality. [removed] external locus of control. [removed] internal locus of control. [removed] significant others. Studies have shown that younger managers tend to go along with their superiors Answer [removed] because they are afraid of them. [removed] because of company policy. [removed] to demonstrate their loyalty. [removed] because it is what they are paid to do. [removed] because it is the law. Exposing an employer’s wrongdoing to outsiders such as the media or government regulatory agencies is called Answer [removed] an exposé. [removed] vindication. [removed] whistle-blowing. [removed] moralizing. [removed] ethical exposure. The use of bribery in international business is Answer [removed] totally unacceptable. [removed] acceptable in the United States. [removed] a cost of conducting business in any country. [removed] an acceptable business practice in many countries’ cultures. [removed] illegal in all countries. Development of a code of ethics should involve all of the following except Answer [removed] legal staff. [removed] the board of directors. [removed] suppliers. [removed] the president. [removed] senior managers.

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